Sunday, February 13, 2011

7 maratib amal


Ever heard about 7 maratib amal before??? Me???nope. First heard about this is two days ago, Saturday nite. After maghrib prayer, we had little talk (we used to say it as usrah). We talk and discussing anything just like the old times. Perghh..missing the ol days. ^^

Opsiee...back to the topic what is 7 maratib amal? 7 maratib amal is a way for us (Muslim) to be successful. As we should know before, at the time when Islam was at the top, Islam had succeeded to dominate 2/3 of the world. And now??? Tell me..mareba~ what had happen? With people just like me. Who only really cares about hedonism. What a shame actually right? It can’t be stopped drastically, I know my level. But I’m gonna trying to do it slowly. Mathurat maybe as a starter. Sorry, keep on babbling aje. Haven’t told you yet what those 7 maratib amal is..heee...gomennasai~!

The 7 maratib amal:

1. Peribadi Islam

2. Keluarga Islam

3. Masyarakat Islam

4. Kerajaan Islam

5. Negara Islam

6. Khilafah Islam

7. Memimpin Alam

By following these rules, I'm totally 2oo% sure that there will be no more crime I right???

Ok...Need to stop here. I’m sorry I’m not so good in English and not so good in explanation too. Regarding the 7 maratib amal. I don’t have much info. If I could get any, I’ll put here, biidznillah~

till then, cheerio peoples =)

salam alaik~

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