Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tag lagi-lagi Tag

Saya di ‘tag’. And I supposed to answer it right? Naa...I’m not so good in tagging things I guess..huhu..padahal bukan selalu pon kena tag..ngeee~ =D


>>Make a sign and write the URL of your blog in it.

>>Snap a photo and post the photo in your blog.

>>And you have to write the reason you choose the url of your blog :)

Tell ya why do I choose this url for my blog:~

Firstly, it was just pop up on my mind out of blue... =P

Secondly, because it was available...=)

Third, I don't even think of any url other than this, I guess... ;)

acceptable??? I hope so...=)

Don't even think to tag anyone, so happy reading~

30/6/2010 4:41 pm

3 klik dan komen :):

Afie said...

aku rasa huduh sungguh pic itu...wuawuawua

Sophia Rani said...

hahaha.. comey la ni.. hehe

nadiah fatin said...

anda ditag lagi~ eheh